What is LED strip Light?

LED Strip Lights:

Also known as LED Tape Lights or LED Ribbon Lights. LED Strip Lights are a great solution for Accent Lighting, Deck & Patio Lighting, Task Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Landscaping & Architectural Lighting, and much more. These LED Strips can work for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.

There are many lengths, colors, and brightness levels available. For something truly amazing, RGB color changing LED Strip Lights are the best choice. RGB Strip Light uses individual red, green, and blue LEDs that mix to create multiple colors with the help of an RGB controller.


LED Strips Lights are dimmable, flexible and cuttable, which makes them very easy to install and use.


Our company is mainly to provide the machine for customer to manufacture the LED strip light. We also R&D one kind of smt pick and place machine for our customers to produce unlimited LED strip light, and get the good reputation from our old customers.


Cutsomer factory for aging LED strip lighting

If you choose our smd chip mounter, you can salve a lot of money and labour cost, and earn more profit!!!

If you have any questions or concerns about which machine to manufature LED Strip Light is best for you, please call me freely, i will do my best to offer our service!!!



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