Surface Mount Technology (Surface Mounting Technology abbreviation ) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology, it compressed the traditional electronic components into a one-tenth volume of the device,to achieve the electronics assembly with high-density, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost, and production automation. This miniaturized components known as: the SMY device (or SMC, chip device). Component assembly process (or other substrate) method is called SMT process. Related assembly equipment is called SMT equipment.

SMT features:

High density assembly, electronic products small size, light weight, about 1/10 of the chip component size and weight of traditional plug-in component, generally, SMT electronic products volume is reduced from 40% to 60%, weight from 60% to 80%.

High reliability, strong anti-vibration. Defects is low solder joint.

Good high-frequency characteristics. Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Easy to automate, improve production efficiency. Reduce costs up to 30%-50%. Saving materials, energy, equipment, labor power, and time.

Why use SMT?

Electronics pursuit perforated miniaturization, previously used plug-in component has been unable to be smaller.

The electronics function is more complete, there is no longer the piercing element of the integrated circuit (IC), especially large-scale, highly integrated ICs, surface mount components is necessary.

Batch production and automation, factory requires a low-cost, high-volume, production of quality products to meet customers' needs and enhance their competitive edge.

Development of electronic components, integrated circuits (IC) development, multiple applications of semiconductor materials.

The electronic revolution in science and technology is imperative to chase the international trend.


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