SMD solder paste printer machine

  • Fully AutomaticPCB stencil Solder Paste Screen Printer
Fully AutomaticPCB stencil Solder Paste Screen Printer

Fully AutomaticPCB stencil Solder Paste Screen Printer

  • item: auto stencil printer
  • pcb size: 850*500mm
  • OS: Window 7
  • pcb thickness: 0.2mm to 6mm
  • Product description: AutomaticPCB stencil printer, Solder Paste printer, Screen Printer, smt printer, smd printer, printer machine, pcb printer

Fully Automatic PCB stencil Solder Paste Screen Printer


LK-F850 is a high speed & high precision screen printer , for Accuracy it has built-in ±10 microns alignment,and ±25 microns wet print capability at 6sigma) with 20seconds total throughput,including print and stencil cleaning cycles.

And accommodates PCB board from 50 x100mm to 850*600mm, makes job set up simple: input the stencil size, insert the stencil into the frame mounter until it reaches the stopper, and the system software will handle the rest. Be ready for the next production assignment in a matter of seconds.

Standard Configuration


Total System Alignment

± 10 microns (at 6Sigma)

Wet print capability

± 25 microns (at 6Sigma)

Core Cycle Time


Maximum Print Area


Printer Construction

One piece optimised welded frame

ISCAN Machine Control

integrated circuit (IC)

Operating System

Windows 7 Standard embedded

Operator interface

Interface in English with HC Automation Copyright


CCD digital Camera for Remote coaxial vision system four way independent coaxial/ Geometry pattern match/Annular LED light source  FOV 6.4*4.8mm Automatic capture

Camera Positioning

Automatic capture

Squeegee Pressure Mechanism

Software controlled,motorised

Stencil Positioning

Semi-Auto-Load incorporating squeegee drip tray

Stencil Alignment

Motorised via actuators X,Y, and Theta

Under Stencil Cleaning

Interchangeable Under Stencil drops of rain type cleaning system , fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe and the system can be programmed combination of dry wipe, wipe with solvent (wet wipinglength programmable within 850mm)

Vacuum Assist Under Stencil Cleaning

Programmable powerful vacuum suction


Clamped double trailing edge squeegee (1set included)

Machine Interface

Upline and downline SMEMA included


Standard networking and USB interface available

Tri Colour Beacon

Programmable with audible alarm


Operator installation electrical Drawings ,On board technical manuals

Transport System


Transport Speed

100-1500mm/sec Programmable

Transport height



Single piece with 3mm Utype transport belts ,front rail fixed

ESD Compatibility

Transport belts and guides with surface resistivity between 10and 10ⁱⁱ ohms

Width Adjustment

Programmable motorized rear rail

Transport Direction

Left to right ,Right to left,Left to left, Right to right

Board Handling Size(minimum)


Board Handling Size(maximum)


Board Thickness

0.2mm to 6mm

Board Weight(maximum)


Board Warpage

1%Based on diagonal length

Board Fixture

At the bottom of the support, elastic side clamping, Z-direction tabletting , Optional centernest vacuum

Board Support Methods

Magnetic pins,Support blocks,manaul up-down table

Board Underside Clearance

Programmable 13mm (25mm option

Process Parameter


Print Pressure

0~30kg programmable

Print Speed


Print Gap

0mm to 6mm

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

Around 0.007m³/min

Substrate Separation

Speed:0.1~125mm/sec Programmable with three step control

Print Modes

Print/Print Print/Flood Flood/Print Adhesive

Paste Knead

Programmable number period on demand



Vision System

beijing daheng

Fiducial Recognition

Image matching, mathematical algorithm


2 or 4

Fiducial Types

Standard geometry, reference point, pad / hole

Fiducial Size

0.1mm to 3mm

Fiducial Locations

Anywhere on substrate

Fiducial Error Reovery

Optical automatic adjustment , automatic search reference point

Camera Lighting

Program control LED brightness adjustment

Machine detailed:

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We are SMT machine manufacturer in China, located in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, owned the area of 5000m², our products range include smt pick and place machine, reflow oven, wave solder machine, stencil printer, pcb conveyor, auto dispenser , pcb lead foot forming machine, pcb cutting machine, solder paste mixer machine ect.

we are not only manufacturing machine, but also provide different smt line or dip line for customers.


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