PCB automatic Loader and unloader

  • LK-250 pcb automatic unloader machine
LK-250 pcb automatic unloader machine

LK-250 pcb automatic unloader machine

  • item: pcb unloader
  • pcb quantity:50 pcs
  • power: 220V
  • PCB size: 330*250mm
  • Product description: LK-250 pcb automatic unloader machine PCB automatic Loader and unloader, pcb loader, pcb unloader, pcb magazine loader, pcb magazine unloader, pcb auto loader, pcb auto unloader

LK-250 pcb automatic unloader machine

1) Machine Size(L*W*H):1700*780*1200

2) 2)Special Aluminum alloy guide rails and rubber belt

3) Magazine lifting with screw rod by 90W electric-brake motor which made in Taiwan

4) Pneumatic PCB clamping structure

5) Attach one set 0.7m length pcb conveyor

6) Magazine size(L*W*H): 355*320*565mm

7) PCB max size(L*W):330*250mm

8) Direction:R-L/L-R

9) Adjustable Lifting distance:10,20,30,and 40mm

10) Programmable Mitsubishi PLC and controller

11) PCB Automatic loading to conveyor

12) Operation Control system: Touch Panel controlled interface

13) Power: 220V 50HZ

14) Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

15) the max store PCB Quantity:50pcs

16) One set Electronic control box


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