SMD solder paste printer machine

  • S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine
  • S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine
S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machineS400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine

S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine

  • warranty: 12 months
  • keyword: solder paste printer
  • pcb size: 350*250mm
  • screen printer
  • Product description: S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine, solder paste printer machine,screen printer, smd printer, smt printer

S400 semi-auto solder paste printer machine

Product Description

SMT Production Line Usage Semi-auto PCB Printing Equipment Solder Paste SMT Stencil Printer
we are not only have small stencil printer machine, but also have big, even for 1200mm,1500mm length PCB.

semi-auto printer

smd printer

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1.Using precision guide rail and the import motor to drive the blade seat conversion, printing, and high accuracy.
2.Printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees fixed up, easy printing stencil and squeegee cleaning and replacement.
3.Block can be adjusted before and after the blade, to choose the right printing position.
4.Combined with a fixed groove printing platen and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, for single, double sided printing.
5.School Edition way to move a steel mesh, combined with printed (PCB), X, Y, Z. Convenient fine adjustment.
6.Can be set to one-way and two-way, a variety of printing methods.
7.With the automatic counting function to facilitate the production of output statistics.
8.Adjustable blade angle, steel blade, rubber scraper are suitable.
9.Touch screen with a screen saver function, the time can be adjusted to protect the touch-screen life.
10.Printing speed display, can be adjusted.

inside is Vacuum bag, outside is Wooden box

smt solder paste printer

stencil printer

Semi-Auto SMT Printer Specifications:

Model LK-S400 LK-S500 LK-S600 LK-S1200
Dimensions(mm) 850×720×1650 850×720×1650 1000×720×1650 2000×720×1650
Platform size 320×400mm 320×500mm 320×600mm 320×1300mm
PCB size 250×350mm 250×450mm 250×550mm 250×1200mm
Template size 550×680mm 550×760mm 550×830mm 550×1480mm
Printing speed 0-8000mm/min 0-8000mm/min 0-8000mm/min 0-8000mm/min
PCB thickness 0-100mm 0-100mm 0-100mm 0-100mm
PCB fine tuning range Front/side±10mm
Power supply 1PAC220V 50/60HZ
Platform height 850±20mm
Repeating precision ±0.02mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.02mm
Positioning mode Outside/Reference hole
Weight Approx.200Kg Approx.250Kg Approx.300Kg Approx.380Kg

Products performance:
Before stencil printer

smt production line
After stencil printer
smd line

For machine detailed:

We are SMT machine manufacturer in China, located in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, owned the area of 5000m², our products range include smt pick and place machine, reflow oven, wave solder machine, stencil printer, pcb conveyor, auto dispenser ect.
we are not only manufacturing machine, but also provide different smt line or dip line for customers.
If you are interested in our products, please feel freely to contact us.
Awaiting for your consulation.

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Elaine +86 18898671670

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